Identity Resolution with BlueConic

Identity Resolution with BlueConic


Identity Resolution with BlueConic

With access to persistent, individual-level profiles that update in real time, business technology users in marketing, ecommerce, analytics, and other teams can activate the data when and where they need to improve how they engage with customers, conduct modeling and analytics, build segments, and more. Creating this comprehensive single customer view hinges on great identity resolution.

If you can’t recognize and reconcile data for the same individual across multiple devices, channels, systems, and platforms, then you can’t deliver tailored messages and experiences that meet their unique needs and preferences.

However, the growing complexities of identifier fragmentation, combined with browser changes that restrict the use of third-party cookies, present significant barriers to making the construct of identity the core of any customer engagement model. It also makes compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other consumer privacy laws exponentially more difficult.

Download this in-depth solutions brief to learn about BlueConic’s unique approach to identity resolution.

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