Migrate your databases to Google Cloud.

Migrate your databases to Google Cloud.


Migrate your databases to Google Cloud.

In today’s always-on, digitally connected world, databases need to be a catalyst for business agility and efficiency to help deliver innovative customer experiences faster.

Google Cloud provides databases that are easy to use and operate without cumbersome maintenance tasks and operational overhead. They offer managed services that are compatible with the most popular commercial and open source engines, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

This whitepaper, “Migrating your databases to managed services on Google Cloud,” provides guidance on:

  • Understanding the value of Google Cloud managed databases
  • Managing services for maximum compatibility with your workloads
  • a. For Oracle workloads: Bare Metal Solution

    b. For SQL Server workloads: Cloud SQL for SQL Server

    c. For MySQL workloads: Cloud SQL for MySQL

    d. For PostgreSQL workloads: Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

    e. For Redis and Memcached workloads: Memorystore

    f. For Redis: Redis Enterprise Cloud

    g. For Apache HBase workloads: Cloud Bigtable

    h. For MongoDB workloads: MongoDB Atlas

    i. For Apache Cassandra workloads: DataStax Astra DB

    j. For Neo4j workloads: Neo4j Aura

    k. For InfluxDB workloads: InfluxDB Cloud

  • Using robust tools and services to make migrations simple, secure, and fast with minimal downtime

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