Modernize Change Management While Minimizing Business Risk

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Leverage analytics to dramatically increase change management effectiveness and accelerate DevOps

Change management has always been a critical component to help ensure that services and applications are deployed smoothly and deliver what is needed without compromise. Careful, meticulous steps and testing were done to ensure this high bar of quality. In the modern digital economy, the need for change management is more critical than ever. However, there is a paradox organizations face: how to rapidly deploy the compelling innovations needed and effectively manage the infrastructure without impacting performance and uptime.

Intelligent automation can help I&O organizations increase deployment velocity—but it has to be implemented thoughtfully to manage risk and ensure quality of service. This white paper presents four key principles for effective change management at digital speed. Learn how you can:

  • Accelerate success by building strict rules and procedures into your automation
  • Gain insight into data for better decision-making and lower risk
  • Provide users with information proactively for fast, accurate service

Whitepaper from BMC

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