Mapping Business Value

Mapping Business Value


Mapping Business Value

Efforts to get the most out of geospatial services are a clear and consistent priority. The value these capabilities provide are wide-reaching, and the various operational efficiency gains and contributions to the customer experience combine to save money over time. And while there will be slightly different outcomes based on specific use cases, industry needs, and geographic situations, there is opportunity to leverage geospatial services in all types of work.

To get the most out of geospatial technologies, executives should consider the following:

  • Keep end user benefit of applications in mind. Geospatial technologies may be used in internal ways, but the benefit must be passed on to those that utilize products and services. Whether that comes in the form of financial benefits or improved experiences is will depend on each application.
  • Find use cases that make sense. Geospatial capabilities can be used in many ways, but they will not all make sense for every line of work. Work with staff at all levels of the organization to figure out where geospatial help is most needed.
  • Invest in data analytics. Once geospatial services are implemented, the number of data touchpoints the organization must address will increase significantly. It is up to you to make sure the company is prepare for this influx of information—so establishing a strong infrastructure and skilled workforce is of paramount importance.

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