Revolutionising the online subscription model

Revolutionising the online subscription model


Revolutionising the online subscription model

Turning traditional newspapers into supercharged digital subscriptions with Samsung newspaper tablets.

Newspaper publishers have recently experienced a decline in paid subscriptions and advertising revenue and face the challenge of transitioning their business from offline to online. The task of digital transformation can be daunting, but with Samsung Knox, businesses can effortlessly navigate the tricky process while growing their subscriber base.

Samsung Knox for Publishers is a solution that allows businesses to customise and launch a branded newspaper tablet quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively. Publishers can customise the tablet, from the boot-up logo to background wallpapers, unique app icons and home and lock screens — all housed in a completely functional, pre-configured tablet ready to read as soon as consumers open the box.

In the Business Edge Playbook, we showcase the step-by-step process of creating a newspaper tablet, and how it could give publishers the business edge over competitors. See how you could stand out from the sea of sameness with value beyond free content.

Want to know how a dedicated tablet can add value to retain—and gain—paid subscribers? Check out this video we’ve created.

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